Our Traybake Range for Caterers

Caramel Shortbread

caramel shortbread thumbnail imageAlso known as millionaire's shortbread, you don't need a bankers bonus to buy this one! We always hear great feedback over the excellent flavour of the caramel filling.

caramel shortbread ×

Topped Flapjack

topped flapjack thumbnail imageA traditional flapjack with various toppings, not too much innovation here, but very popular all the same.

coffee and pecan cake ×

Plain Flapjack

plain flapjack thumbnail imageAn old favourite using a traditional recipe, quite crumbly, so try not to get crumbs everywhere.

plain flapjack ×

Fruit and Nut Flapjack

fruit and nut flapjack thumbnail imageNot one of your 'five-a-day' but a very tasty (and filling!) idea for a quick energy snack

fruit and nut flapjack ×

Butter Shortbread

butter shortbread thumbnail imageUsing only butter, sugar and flour, this one's not rocket science, but the art is in the perfection of the baking.

butter shortbread ×

Chocolate Fudge Brownie

chocolate fudge brownie thumbnail imageChocolate fudge brownie doesn't get better than this. Crammed with chocolate chips and finished with a generous layer of fudge icing. Also available in white!

chocolate fudge brownie ×

Lemon Drizzle Slice

lemon drizzle slice thumbnail imageA thin layer of pastry is coated with Sicilian lemon curd then topped with our amazing lemon sponge. Finished with more curd and sugar nibs.

lemon drizzle slice ×

Coconut and Raspberry Slice

coconut and raspberry slice thumbnail imageRaspberry jam covers the pastry base before the coconut topping is added. This is a bite of paradise for any coconut lover.

coconut and raspberry slice ×

Coconut and Cherry Slice

coconut and cherry slice thumbnail imageThis is pretty much the same as the coconut and raspberry, but with the addition of glace cherries.

coconut and cherry slice ×

Rocky Road

rocky road thumbnail imageIf you like chocolate, you will love rocky road! Watch out for the digestives and marshmallows!

rocky road ×

Farmhouse Slice

farmhouse slice thumbnail imageA pastry base topped with the same mix used in our extremely popular farmhouse cake, finished with a sprinkling of sugar nibs.

farmhouse slice ×

Almond Slice

almond slice thumbnail imageSlightly different appearance with this one as we make it in long strips, hand crimp the sides and sprinkle with flaked almonds before baking and slicing.

almond slice ×

Carrot Cake (15's)

carrot cake (15's) thumbnail imageSlightly different appearance with this one as we make it in long strips, hand crimp the sides and sprinkle with flaked almonds before baking and slicing.This is as good as it gets when it comes to carrot cake! A moist and crumbly carrot cake topped with an American style cream cheese icing.

carrot cake (15's) ×

Toffee Slice

toffee slice thumbnail imageOur toffee slice is a moist sponge topped with caramel icing and sprinkled with small toffee pieces. Each slice is sleeved to keep in the moisture for longer.

toffee slice ×

About Our Traybakes

In our Hampshire cake bakery our individual cakes are baked in large baking trays, we then trim the edges, cut, and pack into boxes of 16, so unlike 'traditional traybakes', you end up with 16 equal pieces, no corners and no pile of crumbs!

The traybakes shown in the left hand column contain gluten. For information on our cake range with gluten free ingredients please click here.

What Our Customers Say

"We have found the Oven Door Bakery to be a great local bakery with a wide choice of bread and cakes and are reliable with their deliveries, and who have supplied us here at the golf club for the past 3 and a half years".

Hockley Golf Club, Hampshire

Retail Packs

If you are looking to increase cake sales within your retail outlet, the Oven Door Bakery can offer the solution with its range of hand made cakes, locally made, supported by a well-respected local brand.

All of our cakes have sufficient packaging to ensure product protection, but without the many layers of cardboard adopted by national suppliers.

The cake packs afford a high degree of visual appearance creating maximum impulse purchase potential. Finally, they taste great, so repeat business sales are common.

bitesize retail cake pack

Bitesize Retail Cake Packs

sealed traybakes

Sealed Traybakes for Retail - 4 triangular slices per pack

Gluten Free Ingredients Range

We stock most lines, and wholesale customers can order before 2pm for next day delivery.

chocolate and caramel shortbread with gluten free ingredients

Chocolate and caramel shortbread with gluten free ingredients