round cakes 10" x 16 portion

Our Round Cake Range for Caterers

Double Chocolate Cake

double chocolate cake thumbnail imageScrummy rich chocolate cake full of chocolate chips, sandwiched with chocolate cream filling and finished with chocolate fudge topping and a chocolate flake on each slice.

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Coffee & Pecan

coffee and pecan cake thumbnail imageA moist cake filled with a nutty cream filling, topped with a coffee crème icing and whole pecans.

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Carrot Cake

carrot cake thumbnail imageThis is as good as it gets when it comes to carrot cake! A moist and crumbly carrot cake sandwiched and topped with an American style cream cheese icing and finished with a walnut.

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Toffee Cake

toffee cake thumbnail imageA winning combination of caramel fudge pieces and moist toffee sponge make this a favourite wherever it's sold! We top this cake with caramel and even more fudge pieces.

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Farmhouse Cake

farmhouse cake thumbnail imageWhen it comes to finding a light fruit cake that perfectly blends a combination of mixed spices and the finest quality dried fruit, we think this is the answer. No fancy cream fillings or toppings but seriously tasty.

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Hampshire Apple Cake

hampshire apple cake thumbnail imageOne of our best selling cakes. Each Bramley apple destined for our Hampshire Apple Cake is peeled by hand before being chopped and blended into the cake mix. The filling consists of a layer of American cream cheese style icing and a layer of juicy blackcurrants.

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Lemon Drizzle

lemon drizzle cake thumbnail imageWhat a taste sensation! Described by many of our customers as the best lemon drizzle they have ever tasted. We think it's the combination of the moist lemon sponge, the Sicilian lemon curd and cream filling.

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Victoria Sponge

victoria sponge thumbnail imageA light sponge baked to perfection, sandwiched with a thin layer of jam and generous helping of non-dairy cream. Nothing new in concept, but still a great tasting cake.

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Date & Walnut

date and walnut cake thumbnail imageAn old favourite and still a popular choice. We use the finest quality dried dates and walnuts in this recipe to give a generous amount of flavour in every bite.

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Orange & lemon

orange and lemon cake thumbnail imageHere we use the same recipe for the sponge as the lemon drizzle, then sandwich together with a butter cream made up from the zest and juice of 15 oranges per batch of 10 cakes. We then finish the top with a tangy lemon fudge icing.

orange and lemon cake ×

Blueberry & Lemon

blueberry and lemon cake thumbnail imageOur blueberry and lemon cake is packed with large succulent blueberries, finished with crème topping, sugar lemon slices and a light dash of white chocolate flavour coating.

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Hand Made Cakes

In our Hampshire bakery our cakes are made in small batches, in mixers that appear similar to those used in your kitchen at home, only ours are a bit bigger and it takes 2 bakers to lift the bowl!

The cake batter is then hand scaled into tins and baked to perfection. Once cool, the two halves of the cake are sandwiched together, hand decorated and carefully packed into nice strong boxes to ensure they reach you in perfect condition.

The round cakes shown in the left hand column contain gluten. For information on our cake range with gluten free ingredients please click here.

What Our Customers Say

"As local supply and provenance is so important to us and our customers we are really pleased to have a good quality, Artisan baker who is "just around the corner". Jason and his team have continued to work with us to produce products that are not only meet our customers need, but are consistently good."

Winchester University, Hampshire

cake mixture in baking tray

Cake mix prepared in our bakery.

icing a cake

Hand finishing in our bakery.